Under the Spotlight – SATB Repertoire

Singers reading music
Singers reading music

Choirs are always excited about the challenge of a new piece and putting their practice on show at their next concert or competition. We’ve selected nine SATB pieces from our catalogue which are sure to connect deeply with your singers and audience.

Snow Dance for the Dead – Seán Doherty

This masterpiece by Seán Doherty is an outpouring of raw energy and emotion. The setting contrasts the innocence and beauty of children against the horrors inflicted upon them during the Russian Civil War (1918-1922). Words fail to sufficiently describe the impact of this piece, so we invite you to listen below.

Flow Water – Damien Kehoe

We are all drawn to water for its properties of beauty, stillness and power, three elements that Damien Kehoe has woven into his magical composition Flow Water. Click on the video below to hear why this piece is such a choir favourite around the world!

On Raglan Road – arr. Eoin Conway

Eoin Conway is fast establishing himself as one of the finest arrangers of Irish folksongs not just in Ireland, but internationally. His arrangement of On Raglan Road is not only beautiful to listen to, it is also a joy to sing as a chorister. Its haunting melody is shared between the parts, in particular giving the Tenors and Basses moments to shine at different points. A very special piece!

Ecstasy – Katie Bamford

If you haven’t heard Katie Bamford’s Ecstasy in concert before, it won’t be long before you are likely to come across it, as this work is sure to become a favourite of adult and collegiate choirs. From gentle beginnings the choral textures gradually intensify leading to rich sonorous climaxes. Stunning choral writing, full of interest and drama bring an already beautiful text further to life. 

I’ll Tell Me Ma – arr. Eoin Conway

Every choir likes to have one or two pieces in their folder that are light and fun. Whether it be for an encore or to vary up concert programmes, I’ll Tell Me Ma fits the bill perfectly. Conway is not just an outstanding arranger, he is also a singer and conductor. His knack for writing arrangements with great impact without taxing the choir too much is well known and very much on show here. A sure-fire chorister and crowd pleaser!

Agnus Dei – Liam Bates

Liam Bates, well-known for his film and musical theatre scores, shows another side of his musical personality with a setting of the Agnus Dei that is full of delicacy and sensitivity. The piece has a keyboard accompaniment with optional string parts and also features a Soprano Solo. A stunning work that fits extremely well into choir programmes and performances.

Ave Maria – Patrick Killeen

Patrick Killeen’s setting of Ave Maria draws on the style and timeless beauty of past musical eras and merges them with newer compositional approaches. The piece is largely homophonic, making it appealing to both chamber choirs and larger choruses. To experience the work at its best: find a good acoustic and let the sound wash around you – magical!

Under-Song – Seán Doherty

Under-Song by renowned composer Seán Doherty is a superb choice for concert or competition. Atmospheric vocal textures combine with earthy and luscious harmony to great effect. There is also scope for movement and dramatisation if you want to push your choir’s artistic boundaries. Highly recommended.

Molly Malone – Bernard Sexton

Charming, whimsical, melodramatic and most of all fun — this is how best to describe Bernard Sexton’s wonderful arrangement of Molly Malone. Not your run of the mill arrangement of the classic Irish folksong, its inventiveness and unexpected twists and turns give it a novel feel and make it a fantastic piece to inject some playfulness into your concert or festival programme!

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